Group Doggo Walks

During the one hour group walk your dog will get to be in its most natural state, a pack, and practice proper leash etiquette.


Adventure Days

This one makes us all want to come back in our next life as one of Katie & Co’s dogs. Great for high energy dogs that need some serious exercise during the work week. Adventure day dogs get to go out on all the walks and take trips all over different areas of the city. Pick-ups and drop-offs are all taken care of by Katie.


Pupper Visits

Puppy visits are typically 10-15 minutes long. Katie takes your pupper out to relieve himself/herself. Any accidents made in the house are cleaned during visit.


Private Dog Walks

This is a great option for senior dogs or dogs that have behavioural issues. Private walks allow the dog to go at their own pace and comfort level.


Wedding Day Dog Handler

How could you call yourself a dog mom or dad without including your fur baby on the big day? The rehearsal dinner, the wedding ceremony, photoshoot and the reception will all be a lovely stress-free experience with Katie.


On-Set Dog Handler

Having worked with companies such as Earth Rated, Canada Pooch, North Fetch and the brilliant photographer of Off Leash Studio’s for film and print. Katie and her pack adore being apart of the set life. Above all else, our clients enjoy the bragging rights.

Photography by Katie Lake